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Learn More About Common Pests Infesting Homes & Businesses In California

If you come to this website the chances are that you either have bee, wasp, ant, black widow, rat, mouse, earwig, cockroach, flea, spider and other pest problem in your life, or know someone who has it, or you want to protect, yourself, your family and property from these horrible creeping creatures. Fear no more. You have come to the right place. BEST PRICE PEST CONTROL has all your pest control needs covered!

BEST PRICE PEST CONTROL offers its over 33 years of experience in the pest control industry. Our continuous services consist of constant inspection and treatment as necessary.

The professionals at BEST PRICE PEST CONTROL deliver expert extermination services that are safe, reliable, fast and effective. Our portfolio includes excellence in providing treatment for the following pests:

#1. ANTS:

Contribute to over 1/2 of our Pest Control Calls in a average year. Besides being one of the most persistent pests, they also cause most of the wasted groceries that become infested.


Rats and mice have been known to chew through the wiring in attic areas, and set off security alarms and also start some house fires. Rats and mice also have been known to crawl up into a warm vehicle engine and chew through the spark plug wiring causing hundreds of dollars of damage.


The German Cockroach is one of the most prolific breeders of all insects. And are one of the toughest to exterminate as well. Lately, with the development of the modern Baits and baiting methods, The Pest Control Industry, it seems has finally taken the corner on them....


Cause more visits to the local hospitals than any other spider in Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, Sacramento and other areas in Northern California, still it is rare for an Adult to die from a bite.


Can cause violent reactions to people with allergies, and treating the Wasps nest is the most productive proven control. However the Honey Bee, in the Pest Control Industry is seen as a Insect we must protect, due to the obvious pollination reasons.

#6. FLEAS:

Can hibernate in their cocoon stage up to six months, then hatch and be able to leap 3 feet up and onto a warm blooded animal within 30 seconds. Thanks to Pet treatments and solid Pest Control practices Flea problems are easier to control nowadays.


Enter in from the exterior, and a good treatment around the exterior and interior can easily control this insect.


Enter in as well from the exterior, and the same treatment as recommended for the Silverfish would be adequate.

Call the Best Exterminators for the Best Pest Control Service in Sacramento, Elk Grove & Citrus Heights

Your family and friends love your home, and that's a good thing. There are millions of others who love your home, too, but these guys aren't a good thing. We're talking about ants, rats, roaches, and more. These home-invaders, and a host of others you may not even recognize, are making their own “home-improvement” plans – in your home. Best Price Pest Control, serving Elk Grove, Citrus Heights and the greater Sacramento area, is not only familiar with the villainous vermin of the valley, but has been successfully waging war on rats and other pests for more than two-decades.

It's always “pest season” in Sacramento, Elk Grove, and Citrus Heights. Creepy critters don't care whether you're sweltering in triple-digit temps, chilling with a delta breeze, or trying to feel your way through a tule fog; they're going to “do their thing” unless something is done about them. Ants, ants, and more ants work 24/7, year-round, and they can ruin food and vector disease. Best Price Pest Control knows which of California's 270 ant species are causing your problems, and they know how to deal with them.

The common daddy long leg spider can be scary to some people, but overall harmless in Elk Grove, or in Citrus Heights or Sacramento, for that matter, but earwigs and silverfish are another story. Earwigs delight in eating their way through your garden, feasting on seedlings and tender shoots. Silverfish, with their fondness for sweets and paper products, can ingest a collection of rare first-edition books for lunch, and shred a cupboard-full of cereal for dessert. They don't care where you are on the map. Elk Grove, Citrus Heights, North Highlands, Sacramento, it doesn't matter: they'll just move right-on-in, and eat the map, to boot.

The professional team of exterminators at Best Price Pest Control, led by owner Lonnie D. Price, have been treating homes in Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, and Sacramento for a wide variety of pest problems, and your call, whatever your situation involves, won't surprise them. Rats for example, are quite common, and have extremely bad manners, never stopping to wipe their feet before tracking filth all through your home. Rats can also chew through your air conditioning ducts in the attic and sub areas of your home, as well as the sparkplugs wires of your cars parked in the garage. Many house fires are caused by rats chewing though the electrical wiring in the attic. You will know that your home in Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, and Sacramento is infested by rats if rat droppings near a shredded paper or food source. If you spot rats or mice in your home in Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, and Sacramento, don’t panic, call Best Pest Control.

Aside from rats and roaches, Sacramento Valley, including Elk Grove and Citrus Heights is a hot-bed for flea infestations. Fleas multiply at an incredible rate, can lie dormant for months, bite ferociously, cause painful irritations on pets and their humans, and can prove to be almost impossible for the average homeowner to eradicate. Best Price Pest Control has proven methods, safe for pets and people, to rid your house of these pests, in Sacramento, Elk Grove, Citrus Heights, and beyond.

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