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- Posted by matty
"It all started with a noise in my attic. My husband said it's probably a Rat. But by the third night it sounded like he'd brought some friends along and they were playing hockey in my attic. This was at 1 in the morning and normally I'm sleeping real good at 1 in the morning. So I went to the Internet and found Best Price, and the rest is history. They came out and on time I must say, and got rid of my unwelcome guest. Thanks to Best Price Pest I can sleep in peace now, except for my Husbands snoring, but he's a whole different pest and I still love him."

- Posted by SaraAnn
"My sister had a real problem with mice. I guess they were coming from the large greenbelt behind her new home. So she bought some of those electronic sonic bug/mice gadjets that you plug into the wall. They were supposed to get rid of all her pests. You know that thing that's advertized on T.V. After 3 weeks of more mice instead of no mice, she called me. And I told her to call Best Price Pest, that's who I use.. Well, they came out, did the work, Now the mice are gone. Oh by the way, try getting your money back for those boxes of electronic sonic junk. I hope you have better luck than she did."

- Posted by Carlene
"I can't find where the Ants are coming from or even a line of them. but they seem to be all over the kitchen, on the counter in the dishwasher and I even found some in the freezer frozen.. That's were I keep my food, not those dam ants. I'm sorry for my sailor mouth, but I was at My wits end until I got Lonnie price the owner of Best Price Pest to come out and take care of my ants. He was on time, affordable and he said it was fine to call them dam ants. He hated them too. Well it's been over 3 weeks and still no ants. Thanks Best Price."

- Posted by Shirley
"I had Ants, so after calling the first 4 or 5 Internet Ads, I realized they were all about the same, and also very expensive too. So when I saw the $60..00 for the start-up service from Best Price Pest. I said to myself. Ok what's the gimmick? But there was no gimmick. They charged me $60.00 to start-up. And It's going to be $60.00 every other month. And if there is any problems in between, they said they'll come back at no charge. So far there hasn't been any problems.

- Posted by maggie
"The ants or me? That's exactly what I told my husband. So he says, call somebody. And I did. Best Price Pest Control. Not only were they on time, but they explained where they were goin to treat, and also what to expect. It's been over 30 days now and still no ants. I'm sure there's a lot of good Pest companies out there. I'm just glad I got one of them. And I didn't have to sell the farm to have them."

- Posted by richard
"When I woke up Friday morning I thought I was in a Horror Movie. There were ants all over my kitchen counter top. I called several of the Companies I recognized. But they wanted so much money. Thank God for Best Price Pest Control Not only were they affordable, but they came out the next day. And I haven't ants since. Thanks Best Price."


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